The revolution of Digital signage changes the advertising standards and formats to the next level.  It is the process of advertising a particular product or company. It delivers digital content through devices such as screens, projectors, touch panels, or totems. These devices allow the company to create, manage, distribute, and publish its content. Digital signage offers many advantages for advertising and it is more conventional for external advertising.

Smart Office Solutions Dubai | Smart Home Automation Solution System Dubai  UAELaunch your product by digital signage ads:

Outdoor digital signage advertisements are located in any of the public places which include attractive words and images. You can also see many advertisements in public locations such as bus stations, gas stations, city access points, or even the subway. A large investment is required for launching your outdoor digital advertisements, but in return, you will get great visibility and awareness.

Invest little and expect more:

The investment is depending upon the type of advertising in the internal or external communication. Many experts conclude that this option is more likely to influence the customers to purchase a particular product and increases monthly sales. Today the Digital signage highlights the latest products and current promotions in the shopping landscape. These promotions attract the customer’s eyes and creative visuals attract buyers to specific products.

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How projection tech helps retailers?

smart glass windows Projection technology is changing the way retailers can approach customers with outstanding colorful advertising displays. It is significant to highlight your product when you are running a luxury showroom or shop-now boutique. Your attractive visuals increase your product buyers. A creative, dynamic, and colorful projection display attracts all kinds of customers.

Are you get attracted by any eye-catching ads?

In real-time, you can able to see spotlighting products, adding fast-moving patterns, and an eye-catching display on the roadside of your street. This will increases the curiosity of buyers and force them to buy that advertising product. In previous days, projection means displaying an image or content on a flat surface, such as a screen or a wall.

Now, our advanced projectors can display an image on any surface that comes with color, imagery, and even video or moving animations. It can allow you to project your product images on floors, ceilings, mannequins, and other pieces of furniture. The panoramic display displays your product from all angles. From these sentences, you will realize the purpose of a projection screen for retail, store and marketing.

Implement multi-touch technology for business profit:

Many research confirmed that touch screen increases the productivity of a business. Rev Interactive SDN BHD Multi-touch screens allow users to interact with other people and perform natural chats by using on-screen data. This technology offers additional benefits than the keyboard and mouse and enables users to access multiple tables at a time. This technology helps call center people to quickly check the customer’s details while on a VOIP call.

Multi-touch monitors are capable of connecting with HD cameras and offer a far richer integration by enabling users to open and position additional windows on-screen. So, both the physical audience can able to see the clear information on the other end. This advanced communication process is achieved by using multi-touch devices in your virtual environment.

Install a multi-touch solution in your office:

Today, several offices and public sector buildings have installed touchscreen displays that make visitors perform quick check-in for attending meetings and contacting staff. Our modern generation is likely to install multi-touch solutions in the office. This is because multi-touch displays are now increasingly popular with businesses for promoting efficiency, interactivity, and a collaborative environment. So, every office infrastructure must include this technology for future development.


Trust digital signage and multi-touch technology for your business development