Choosing A Rain Shower: Tips And Inspiration

A rain shower is conquering more and more bathrooms. And that shouldn’t be surprising. It provides a wonderfully relaxed feeling. A rain shower transforms your bathroom into a small wellness area.


It is not without reason that a rain shower is a real trend in modern bathrooms . A rain shower is very relaxing and is good against stress. Due to its fine water jets, it feels like a soft rain shower on your skin. A rain shower looks luxurious and gives you an instant wellness feeling. In addition, it also charms with its sleek and modern look. Most rain showers come with an extra removable hand shower, so you can alternate if desired.


The built-in rain shower is built into the ceiling and / or the wall. The rod is therefore no longer visible. Such a rain shower looks very sleek and modern. It requires less cleaning work compared to a surface-mounted shower.

The disadvantages of built-in rain showers are the breaking works during installation. If parts have to be replaced after a few years, you risk having to break up the wall again. Always choose a reliable quality brand. This way you can be sure that spare parts are always available and that the connections are universal. After all, built-in rain showers are more expensive than exposed rain showers.


With a surface-mounted model, the shower bar is visible. This requires a little more cleaning. In addition, no demolition work is required for the installation or during repair work. (Except drilling some holes to attach the rod.) A second advantage of a surface- mounted rain shower is the cost. Surface mounted models are very affordable in comparison to the built-in variant.


If you are considering the purchase of a rain shower, you should pay attention to the following points:


While an ordinary shower head consumes 11 liters of water / minute, a rain shower will quickly consume 25 liters of water / minute. To reduce the water consumption a little, you can install an ecological rain shower head. This allows you to reduce consumption to 17 liters of water / minute. Rain shower heads are available in different sizes. The diameters vary from 15 to 40 cm. The larger the shower heads, the higher the consumption. Most rain showers come with an extra hand shower and a vertical bar, so you can also use them as an overhead shower for variety. These shower heads use a lot less water.


Because water consumption is higher with rain showers, you must ensure that your hot water production is geared to this. In addition, there must also be sufficient pressure for a pleasant shower. Do you think your current boiler is not suitable for this? Then there are 3 possible solutions. Firstly, you can install a combi boiler with a larger volume. You can also opt for a plate heat exchanger, which produces instant hot water when there is a demand for it. Finally, you can also opt for a gas instantaneous water heater that only serves for the production of hot water.…

Wooden Bathroom Furniture: Tips And Inspiration

A bathroom cabinet in wood radiates warmth and authenticity. The natural materials give your bathroom a calm and cozy feeling. In this article you will get inspiration and tips for wooden bathroom furniture.

Possible Materials For A Wooden Bathroom Cabinet

Wooden bathroom furniture is available in different types of wood and finishing materials. You can roughly divide them into two categories: solid wood and sheet material.

Bathroom Furniture In Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture means that they consist of 100 percent wood. Today, bathroom furniture is available in many different types of wood. They all have a different look. Some types of wood are also more resistant to moisture than others. Tropical hardwood is a durable type of wood that is suitable for a damp room such as the bathroom.

Examples of this are merbeau, teak or jatoba. Other ( finer) types of wood are also possible. Think of oak, cherry, cedar or douglas. Make sure that your furniture is finished with a moisture-resistant protective layer. At quality brands, the wooden bathroom furniture is treated intensively against moisture as standard.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Authentic & warm appearance
  • Easy to sand and paint (e.g .: if you want a new look)


  • Can not withstand prolonged and abundant moisture
  • More expensive than furniture with panel material
  • Wood can shrink and warp as a result of poor construction


Some bathroom furniture has the appearance of wood, while only partly consisting of wood. Furniture with sheet material is often made from HDF or MDF . HDF is a slightly harder board material compared to MDF. These sheet materials are made from branches and wood residues from coniferous and deciduous trees.

This is used to make fine fibers that are compressed into a plate. The difference with HDF is that the fibers are pressed even finer and denser, making them stronger and more pressure resistant. These plates are finished with a layer of melamine, laminate or lacquer. Melamine and laminate are plastic layers that in this case are provided with a wood motif. Laminate is stronger than melamine and has an extra bottom layer.


  • Cheaper than solid wood
  • Maintenance-friendly, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant (if finished with laminate or melamine)


  • Less durable
  • Not an authentic look of real wood


Do you have to maintain wooden bathroom furniture differently? If you have solid wood furniture, there are a number of things to consider. Use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. In addition, it is always important to ventilate the bathroom very well. This way you remove the humid air and your furniture stays beautiful for longer.


When buying bathroom furniture , it is also important to pay attention to the small but practical details. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Can your wall handle the weight of the cabinets?
  • Is the height of the bathroom furniture comfortable?
  • Are the hinges made of iron? Iron lasts longer than plastic.
  • Make sure there is enough space for all your things. Consider an extra column cabinet if necessary.
  • Do the provided holes for supply pipes and drainage pipes match the situation in your bathroom?